#1. Journey through the Fangar Bay

We leave the port of Ampolla and set off along the Fangar Bay, located in the north of the Ebre Delta (one of the most important natural parks in Europe). The floating experience is accompanied by a certified guide who explains the most important historical and geographical facts of the area. We are also invited to observe the abundant flora and fauna of the area, which is so rich that in 2013 UNESCO included it in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Once we enter the bay, we will show you -first hand- the art of aquaculture and fishing.

#2. Visit the gallery

Samples of endangered species and animals indigenous to the area, images on the regression of the Delta, historical photos of the Natural Park and the fishermen who lived there, current and old aquaculture equipment and a long etcetera of elements that will invite you to delve -even deeper- into the idiosyncrasies of this corner of the planet.

#3. Full tasting of oysters and mussels

The experience culminates with a tasting of oysters -4u/pp- and mussels -a good portion/pp-. To give you an idea, these are so fresh that eating them is like diving to the bottom of the sea. Moreover, the special feature of these mussels is their origin: the symbiosis of river and sea makes them an internationally prized product.

Duration: 5h
Departure time: 12h00
Price: 69€ adults
Price: 30€ children


Mirador de la Badia

Vine a Mirador Badia i gaudeix d’una degustació d’ostres i musclos de la mateixa Badia del Fangar, un petit paradís situat al bell mig del Delta de l’Ebre. Clica i descobreix les nostres experiències:

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